Creating Associations With Our Minds Helps Memory

Some say that forgetfulness is associated with how busy we are in addition to not paying attention.

Harry Lorayne, author of Ageless Memory: Simple Secrets for Keeping Your Brain Young, believes that we need to exercise our minds like we do our bodies. Here are some things from his list of ideas for helping to strengthen your mind.

Pay attention: Create links to something else when you’re trying to remember something.

Visualize the name: Link an image to a name with similar characteristics based on sound.

Create memorable associations: Even if the association is out of character of the object or person you are trying to remember, the image will stay in your mind.

Give a play-by-play: Living in the moment and being conscious of what you’re doing helps to remember what you’ve done.

Make it a habit: For things that are done on a regular basis, be sure to do them in the same way every time.

Sing it: Puting lists or things to remember to a tune helps it stick in your memory.

Try mneumonic devices: Using the first word of each item in a list can help.

Use your body: Create connections to what you’re trying to remember with body parts to create a stronger, closer connection.

Go Roman: Use well-known areas as a map, where you can place items to remember along the map.

Use color: Adding color to notes helps create a stronger linkage.

As you can see, Lorayne’s ideas are very visually and linkage-related. Our minds like organization and by giving these things that we need to remember a place to be in our minds, even if it’s a weird place, it sticks with us better.

For instance, when we are walking down the street and are surrounded by a bunch of people, but then we see one extremely tall person, we look at them and say, “Wow, that person is really tall. They must be almost eight feet tall.” We do this because it’s out of the norm and needs a new place in our minds to stay. We may even try to guess their height in order to accurately categorize them. That person wasn’t like all the other people walking down the street, and they need to be in a new category in our minds.

Try some of these for yourself to see which associations work best for you!

Information obtained from Post by Kate Valdovinos.


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