Common Care Services at an Assisted Living Community

As you are looking for an Assisted Living Community, the first thing that you wanted to check is the common care services that they offer. What you want to know, if it is worth spending the money for the services they render. Behind this thought, what you really want to find out is the sincerity and integrity of the management and staff. You want a service that is not about profit alone. An Assisted Living Community that offers this kind of services can gain a great reputation. We want to do business with someone who puts themselves in the line of selflessness.

Assisted Living Common Care Services Offered

Here are the typical care services that is commonly offered at an Assisted Living Community:
  • Serving regular meals three times a day. This is usually served in a dining area with the rest of the residents. Proper diet or a special diet for each resident is taken care .Proper nutrition is taken care of in this service.
  • Assistance in personal activities. It includes eating, bathing, dressing and walking. Though assistance is available at any time, freedom and privacy is often encourage. If a resident is able to do it themselves, they are motivated to do so.
  • However, you are assured with a personal support and assistance from the caregiver.
  • Housekeeping services. It includes cleaning up the room or the apartment, ironing, laundry and similar others. Comfort, warmth and convenience of the residents are the bottom line of these services.
  • Transportation. If a resident has appointments, visitation, malls or shopping to be done, transportation is commonly offered.
  • Access to health and medical services. It varies depending on the needs of the resident. The facility has to coordinate with home health care visits from a nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, etc. if needed.
  • 24 hours security and monitoring. Some residents may wander around or may lose their way around the community. For safety, monitoring and emergency call system is set-up. Technology makes the monitoring and safety easier and accessible to everyone.
  • Exercise and wellness program. Activities are planned to meet each resident’s need to enhance a healthy life. Some facilities may include fitness room and well-planned fitness program for everyone. They typically offer special classes to suit each resident’s wellness and health needs like yoga and other form of exercise.
  • Recreational and Social Programs. Each individual is a social being and each one has a need to socialize. Such facility offers variety of activities for recreation and socialization like field trips, theater, outings, and others.
Quality life is enhanced and shaped in a reliable Assisted living Community. Services that is mixed with kindness, sweetness and love can make each resident’s life brighter. And that will prove the sincerity and integrity of the management and staff.

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