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Feeling sandwiched?  Dealing with small children while at the same time caring for an aging parent? You are not alone.   Sharing caregiver’s secrets to helping you juggle life as a caregiver.

Travelling with Reduced Mobility: 5 Tips That Will Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

Travel Tips reduced mobility

Helpful Tips for Caregivers Traveling with a Disabled Family Member with Reduced Mobility Travelling with a disabled person is not easy and could be somewhat stressful. But when travelling can’t be avoided, the best thing you can do is to think of ways to reduce the stress and have...

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Medicare Requirements Home Health Care

home health care services

What You Need to Know - Medicare Requirements Home Health Care Services When you or someone you love experiences a health care set back, if you have traditional Medicare as your insurance, you may qualify for skilled services at home. Understanding Medicare requirements for home health care is critical....

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Aging Parents Driving

Aging Parents Driving No Aging Parents Driving and Speaking with your Aging Parents about no longer driving… this is not going to be an easy conversation. Your Dad (or Mom) may think of driving as the key to their independence. But, it doesn’t have to be. There are transportation...

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Name-Brand Drugs Versus Generic Medication

Generic Medication

Prescription Generic Medication – Name-Brand Drugs Versus Generic Medicine Yahoo! posted “5 Generic Medication Products That Are Just as Good,” so I thought I would do the same, agreeing with three of their five choices. The three I agree with are prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications  and basic baking products....

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What is Senior Advocacy?

Aging in place for the elderly

Licensed Care Providers that are able to fulfill the needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities by advocating for their rights, dignity and quality of life, by promoting knowledge and self-determination. Some families decide to hire a geriatric care manager a paid healthcare professional to help coordinate care services...

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