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CareLocator offers consumers help locating licensed care providers in a defined area.

What to Expect?

In order to help aid caregivers locate services, an online assessment is required to match consumers with licensed providers. The online assessment asks pertinent information to help determine the level of care, method of payment and financial ability to obtain services. After the online assessment request is completed, our care navigators get to work. The consumer is contacted and matched with viable licensed care providers that best match their needs. If you are a care provider part of our network, you will receive the consumer’s information if appropriate with your organization.  If you are a consumer, you will be contacted by licensed care providers that best match your needs in the desired care location.

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  • I understand that some of the care services above may require a no obligation care assessment to qualify. Care services may require further documentation signed by a licensed physician when appropriate. I realize I will be contacted directly pertaining to localized care services in the area specified and give my permission to share my information with area care providers appropriate to my need as specified. By registering with SilverCensus, I agree to the Terms of Service.

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