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Caregiving Full Time Job Responsibility for Families

Caregiving Full Time Job – After graduating from college, I moonlighted for an attorney. Frequently he would post employment opportunities and request that I review qualified candidates. I would often chuckle while reviewing these resumes trying to figure out what the person actually looked and acted like. To this day, almost twenty years later, one resume still stays fresh in my mind.

A woman named “Sally” with an impeccable resume graduated from Harvard Law School. Her career blossomed at a prestigious law firm in Washington DC for a few years and then she claimed “Motherhood/Nurturer” as a job tile for the later part of her career. Suddenly the image that I had envisioned of this woman went from a Hilary Clinton type to a frumpy lady changing diapers. How disappointing. I was young and wildly carefree, still yearning to be back in college with no worries. At the ripe age of 22 with no children, I could not image how this woman could dare claim “Motherhood” and “Nurturer” as a full time job. Better yet, her resume even defined her daily responsibilities as the gardener, chauffeur, baker, housekeeper, personal assistant, teacher, chef and nurturer.

Celebrating Caregivers Abroad!

Almost twenty years later and now with four small kids, Sally’s resume continues to haunt me. Haunting my mind not in a bad sort of way, but filled with admiration and gratitude for her humility and courage. Sally was right. Motherhood IS a full time job. I embrace Sally’s wisdom and applaud her for having the courage to boldly give a possible employer a mere taste of her daily life. Sally was right to include Motherhood and Nurturer in her resume. I often think of her when juggling work and family whether preparing lunches at 6am, finishing three loads of laundry each night, conducting a conference call in the school pickup line, or driving to karate practice. Here’s to all Caregivers!

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