What Caregivers Need to Know about Qualifying Assisted Living

Qualifying Assisted Living

A writer talked about “time for everything under the sun”. He says that there is an appointed time in every activity under heaven. And when the time comes that we have to decide on sending our love ones to reside in an assisted-living community, or as an elderly, you realized you’re not capable of living by yourself, then you should be prepared. It will be a hard and emotional decision. You need mental and physical preparation because it is another transition period of your life.

What will be your preparations? What are the things you need to do?

  • First, you have to look for an assisted-living facility that will meet you needs. A little tour will help you decide. Are the facilities meet your standard? Are the staff and workers nice and friendly? You can check every important details that you need to know. It is necessary for your decision making.
  • After finding the right place, you can asked or they will give you physical assessment form to be filled up by your personal physician. This form will give them full understanding about your medical history and present condition. These forms should be submitted 30 days ahead before you moved-in.
  • Next step is to sign a residential agreement. The agreement is between you and the caregiver. It is all about the services they are going to render and the possible cost you are going to pay monthly or annually.
  • After signing the residential agreement you will be given an initial 30 days of trial run. It is your time to assess the facility of your choice. You will be observed by the staff as well to fill out the functional assessment. Your performance daily will be recorded. This is their means to understand your needs. It will determine the assistance and help that you need while you are in the assisted-living residence.
  • After the functional assessment, service plan will be laid out to you. It will list all the services you need to receive depending on the results during the functional assessment. I will give you specific details on how often and who will give you the assistance or service. This service plan can be changed or updated when needed.
  • After 30 days of trial living in, you can finalize your plan. If you think you are satisfied of their services, and they think they can be at your service, you can sign a final agreement or document. It will allow you to live and become official resident of that assisted-living community.

Golden years is not fun but we need to get to this period. We can be thankful that there are place like this who can help us through. Life can still be beautiful if we have it planned before “rainy days” come.

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