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Hiring a Home Caregivers Can Help with Activities of Daily Life

Each year, many Americans experience accidents and injuries. Most people who are prone to injury like knee or hip fractures are those who are over 65 years old.  This cost them their mobility and independence of daily living. Successful recovery will depend on the over-all health of the patient, severity of the fracture and compliance to the recovery procedure. It means fracture like hip or knee is a serious injury that needs proper attention especially to the seniors. Treatment with this kind of fractures almost always begin with a surgery, either partial or total replacement. The surgery itself will take a few hours but the rehabilitation procedure will take some lengthy days and hiring a home Caregivers Care Surgery Daily Activities.

What to do before a surgery?

•    Prepare yourself. The first thing you have to do is to prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for healthy recovery. Yes, it is a stressful process but you can help yourself to get through it. Do not dwell on negative thoughts but rather strengthen yourself mentally and emotionally. You can ask strength from the Lord and ask prayers from your church if you have religious affiliation. Set your mind to positive possibilities and look forward to your soon recovery.

•    Arrange help and assistance with love ones. You can get the best support from your family and friends. Contact and talk to them. They can help you with the details and other “to do” preparations. If your love ones are away from you, you can hire a health aide to assist you while your love ones will serve as your long distance care giver. They can help you arrange the surgery procedure and give you the moral and spiritual support.

•    Plan for a home modification. Life can be difficult after the surgery and recovery. You will be staying most of a time at home and will be needing assistance from others. It will be helpful to remodel your house to assure your safety. Of course you cannot afford a fall or accident. It will be helpful to put things on your reach and make the place friendly for an injured person.

•    Plan for the rehabilitation companion. After surgery, you may require to stay for a week in the hospital. After that you will start on your active rehabilitation procedure. It is necessary to make plans and follow the procedures. You may need physical therapist and caregiver who know how to help your recovery. It is important to ask referral and interview these people before the surgery.

What to do after the surgery?

To have a successful recovery, you will need most of help from others. As this time you are expected to made arrangement with the persons who will help you with the following:

•    Home rehabilitation.  After the hospital stay, you will have set of exercises and rehabilitation to perform at home. There will be a time that you are afraid to start and do your task. Your caregiver will supervise and encourage you so you can gain confidence. An experienced caregiver is important so you can easily regain your mobility and independence.

•    Personal care. Without mobility and independence, you cannot perform your activities of daily


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