Things to Look For When Buying Senior Car

Buying senior car is a big decision and everyone has preferences. Some of the features of a new car are great, but aren’t always specific to seniors.

Here’s a list of things to think about when buying senior car and to pay attention to when you’re test driving it.

  • Make sure you can see out of the mirrors and windows easily. Sometimes it’s difficult to check your blind spot, so being able to comfortably and quickly see what you need to see on the road is crucial.
  • Open all the windows when you’re on the road to see what type of breeze you can get. This may not sound like a big deal, but some cars, even small cars, have really big windows which allow too much wind in. If you like to drive with the window open most of the time, large front-seat windows can often be a problem.
  • Make sure the seats are easy to get into. Larger vehicles should have an extra or very easy step to use, so practice getting in and out (driver’s seat and passenger seats).
  • Check to see if you can see all the dashboard lights, including the speedometer, oil gauge, gas gauge and other alert lights. If the numbers and words are too small, it might not be the car for you. Many of these lights alert you to serious problems, so being able to see them right away is crucial.
  • Make sure you understand how to use all the buttons for A/C, heat, cruise control, the stereo and others. Some stereos just don’t seem to be put together using common sense, and these may be difficult to work with, especially if you are driving. See if you can figure them out without help first.

Are there any other important characteristics a new car should have for seniors? Feel free to comment.

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Buying Senior Car and Post by Kate Valdovinos.

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