Better Alzheimer Research Test Subject Discovered

Alzheimer's Care Research

In recent news a major breakthrough has occurred with how we can study Alzheimer's, or at least one I would call major. They have discovered how to genetically engineer Alzheimer's in rats in a way that correctly emulate Alzheimer's in humans. Mice have been used for study for some time, and even in this same way, however rat's are marginally more intelligent which makes a big difference.

Alzheimer's Care and Research

Since Alzheimer's directly relates to a decline in memory and other brain function, more intelligence to start out with equals more research potential. Also, since the behavior in rats is more predictable, their decline in learning and action can more easily be observed. Another advantage this new test subject holds to its predecessor is how the disease comes on. In humans the disease forms in stages that have been clearly observed, however in mice it was more of a yes/no type scenario, leaving little room to study how or why exactly it forms. Rat's however, mimic humans in the onset of the disease, allowing researchers a much broader field of analysis and can lead to breakthroughs in the early predicting of the onset of the disease.


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