Avoiding Heatstroke

Preventing heatstroke:

  • It’s recommended that you drink about 2 to 4 cups of water every hour if you’re outside or doing strenuous activity. Drinking drinks that have electrolytes in it (like Gatorade) are helpful as well.
  • If you eat, try eating something with salt in it.
  • Drinking alcohol will pretty much do the opposite of what you need to do to prevent heatstroke.
  • Don’t wear a hat (as hats keep your heat in) and wear something that doesn’t cling to your body or that is tight. Let your skin breathe.

Characteristics of dehydration or heatstroke:

  • Not sweating even though you’re really hot.
  • Leg, arm or back cramps.
  • Vomiting, headache, fatigue or dizziness.
  • Loss of consciousness.
  • Quickly feeling irritable, tired and confused.

Avoiding Heatstroke Post by Kate Valdovinos.

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