The Right Time to Consider an Assisted Living Facility

Preparing for an Assisted Living Facility Move

Assisted Living Facility – The decision to place an aging parent in a care home has got to be one of the most difficult decisions a person has to make. No one wants to leave the home they have lived in and made their own for so many years. But in some cases it is necessary for safety and quality of health to consider assisted living placement. Most of the time, a parent is in denial and the guilt associated in making this decision could really cause much distress. Often there are siblings involved that have their own opinion about the care that is necessary in order for Mom or Dad to be safe. The tension this decision can pose on one’s family and health can be tremendous.

Hiring In-Home Care or Assisted Living Placement

To determine when is the right time for a care community is to first exhaust any and all home care alternatives. Home health care services can be a great resource for the elderly in a home environment. The purpose of a home care nurse is essentially to be an extension of the eyes and ears of physician who ordered for home care services. Based on supporting diagnoses and the current health condition of an aging parent will determine if Medicare will cover the services or not. It is best to communicate with the primary care physician to see if Mom or Dad may qualify and to utilize the SilverCensus Care Directory to locate a licensed care provider in the area. Keep in mind however, home care services is only short term intermittent care. Should an aging parent require daily care and personal assistance, private duty services are generally considered an out-of-pocket, hourly expense. For Veterans or individuals that have purchased a long term care policy assistance can be found by either VA Aid and Attendance or by tapping into a long term care policy.

Once you have exhausted all home care alternatives such as home care or adult daycare, perhaps ask yourself some questions to help you make the final decision about assisted living. By taking the time to making the “right” decision can hopefully bring peace of mind and the best outcome to
your situation.

Signs and Questions to Ask When Considering Assisted Living

Weekly/Daily phone calls.

Does Mom or Dad discuss a hesitation to get out of bed? Are there mobility issues that impede maintaining an active lifestyle?

Frequent falls.

Has Mom or Dad expresses their fear of leaving the house often due to a fear of falling? Do they fall and try to hide bruises from you?

Indication of depression.

Is your parent lying about eating? Is Mom or Dad unwilling to seek medical help or assistance? Is the house still neat and clean like it always was? Are your parents remembering to take medication as prescribed by a doctor? Are they able to help themselves or is assisted living necessary?

There are many questions that can be asked and it’s definitely hard to determine the right time. But it is always better to know that Mom and Dad are safe and happy for their remaining days. Just by simply taking a little time to talk to them about assisted living homes or elderly care can make
all the difference.

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