Alzheimer’s Disease Caring Tips

Alzheimer’s Disease Caring for our love one with Alzheimer’s can be a privilege or a burden depending on how you take it. It can be very rewarding. And can be very difficult and overwhelming. It is a great challenge that requires a lot of patient, skills and knowledge. We have to learn the skills of how to care and love her/him the way we used to be prior to the disease. With so many experts in the field, books that can be read, articles that have been published about Alzheimer’s disease, taking care our love one is much easier. Learning from others experiences, listening to experts, can help .

Here are some alzheimer’s disease caring tips from experts that may help you:

Do not argue. Expert says, there is no point on arguing with someone whose mind does not meet yours. If he says that sky is always blue even in the middle of the storm, what is the point of arguing? He sees it that way, then be it. You cannot correct them or will ever win in an argument. You will just make the situation worst and both will end up frustrated and angry. However, not all arguments are as easy as mentioned above. It can be something worth arguing for, especially if patient’s safety is at stake. If that’s the case, it is better to divert his/her attention in a soft and friendly way.

Always validate feelings and emotion. Studies have shown that person who has Alzheimer has complex and changeable emotions. They can be happy in one moment and angry in another. However, no matter how frustrating their moods and how changeable it is, experts say always validate on how they feel. Why do they have to feel that way? Where does the feeling come from? You cannot take control on how they feel, yet you alone can understand him/her the most.

Learn to listen. Listening carefully can be a challenging but an important skill to learn. Experts say, true listening requires understanding the emotion behind the words and making an eye contact without interrupting him/her. Your love one needs to know you listen carefully.

Meet them within their world. People with Alzheimer’ disease or dementia live in their own world. Brain functions are not the way they were before. With your love and support, both of you can learn to cope with the changes that is taking place. Experts say, instead of trying to conform them to your world, try to live in his/her when you are with him/her. Treat them with kindness and patience, so you can connect with him/her.

Educate yourself continually. The more you learn about this disease, the more you can be a successful caregiver. Experts say Alzheimer’s disease affect different people differently. It goes in stages as well. Learning these kind of things is beneficial to your care giving. Understanding and acceptance is necessary as well to show how much we care for our love ones.

Caring for someone who has Alzheimer’s disease has never been easy. Yet, a song that says ” If any little love of mine may make a hard life sweeter, If a little care of mine may make a friend’s the fleeter” will give you a brighter look of what might be ahead in this noble service.

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