Aging Parents Driving

No Aging Parents Driving and Speaking with your Aging Parents about no longer driving… this is not going to be an easy conversation. Your Dad (or Mom) may think of driving as the key to their independence. But, it doesn’t have to be. There are transportation alternatives that can keep them self-reliant. Consider the people who live in major cities. Many of them never owned a car and are perfectly content using mass transportation.

As our population ages, more communities are offering “paratransit” services – transportation services specifically geared for seniors and others who may have mobility challenges. For more information check out:

Before you have this talk with your Dad, do some research so you can address questions he might have when you bring up the subject of his giving up his keys. Do not criticize or embarrass him. Help your Dad understand (as diplomatically as possible) that there are factors outside his control that have affected his ability to drive safely. Factors such as:

  • Physical disabilities
  • Vision loss
  • Medication side effects
  • Frailty, which reduces our ability to react quickly to dangerous circumstances

These are fact-of-life issues that nearly every person will experience at some time if they live a long life. Many people assess their own skills and modify their driving to make up for what they consider reduced abilities. They may refrain from driving on highways or from driving at night.

Statistics confirm that mature drivers are involved in more multi-car accidents – especially at intersections. Sadly, many of these are fatal or we suffer critical injuries because our bodies are not as resistant to impact as when we were younger. Accidents like these will more than likely increase insurance premiums – something folks on a fixed budget would like to avoid.

Some signs that it might be time for Dad to hand over the keys include:

  • Feelings of frustration or anger behind the wheel
  • Inability to fully turn head to look behind when safely changing lanes
  • Getting confused or lost when driving familiar routes
  • Frequent close calls or traffic offenses

When the time comes for this difficult conversation, be sure to show respect and consideration for your Dad’s feelings. (If you have difficulty with this, consider your child having the same conversation with you 20-40 years from now!)

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