Deliberate Aging with Age Management Medicine

Age is Not Just a Number Discover the Secret to Aging

Aging is no longer up to chance—you just need assistance in making the optimal aging road map to help you make good choices for your own individual cells. (What might be good for your cells may be harmful to another person’s cells, and vice versa.) In addition, I will help you optimize your cellular function. Aging Management Medicine may be just what your body needs.

Aging well is no longer by chance. It should not be just a roll of the dice.

Type 2 Diabetes, a good target for Aging Management Medicine

We may be genetically programmed to have, for example, Type 2 diabetes (T2DM), or what has also been called adult-onset diabetes or non-insulin dependent diabetes. This is the type of diabetes where enough insulin is present in the body but the insulin is not interacting or conversing with a cell efficiently. The key does not fit the lock, so to speak, and so the cell cannot accept the blood sugar floating around in the blood stream. This causes rusting or oxidative stress to the vessels, mostly the tiny little vessels called the arterioles where only one red blood cell passes at a time. This can lead to damage to the small vessels of the eye (“retinopathy”) or the small vessels of the kidney (“nephropathy”) or the nerves to the feet (“neuropathy”).

Nobody wants that, especially those who have the genetic predilection to diabetes based on family history.

If we really have control over the 70% of the environmental factors that determine the physical manifestation of our genes (the phenotypic expression of those genes), then we can modulate them by knowing the epigenetic influences on them. An Age Management Medicine doctor is trained to do this.

Medical Director, Ageless Medical Solutions, LLC and International Aging Management Medicine Expert

Dr. Angeli Akey, MD, FACP, ABAARM is a board-certified Internal Medicine and anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She is a physician with an active medical practice in North Central Florida and specializes in prevention, early detection, treatment and management of diseases associated with aging. She dedicates her practice to improving the lives and appearance of her patients through the use of the most advanced techniques and science.

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