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Graceful Aging 

One thing that cannot be argued is the more years a person has under their belt the more opportunity for experiences they have encountered. I at my current age find it almost beyond comprehension to see world move from generation to generation, even though I have seen it a little bit. I still get nostalgic when I think about the TV shows I used to watch when I was a kid. I laugh at the thought of life without the internet, though, I didn't always have it. Even my computer has become a near inseparable part of my life. Yes, there is no doubt that time grants an individual the opportunity to experience so much, and gives them the opportunity to learn from each and every one of those experiences. This brings me to my main point of this particular blog, and that is wisdom. Though age plays a big part into the opportunity to learn, it definitely only plays a part.

Staying Young Mentally and Physically


In fact, there are 4 major factors that go into how wise a person is.

Factor Number One: AGE The amount of time an individual has been around granting them the opportunity to gain so many experiences. Oh the stories to be told from 50 years back. Can I even imagine life where candy is a dime? Or how scary it would be to be drafted? Even if a person is lacking in the other factors I will discuss, this factor alone gives a person a wide range of experiences and the ability to see the world transform, right in front of their eyes. This is an incredible opportunity.

Factor Number Two: ABILITY TO PERCIEVE This factor is a little more difficult to understand, but it is essentially saying that each person takes in a different amount of information every second. In this way, the actual physical age is somewhat deceiving. Let's say that person A has the ability to perceive twice as much as person B. What this means is that in an equal time of say 4 years.. Person A will have essentially lived twice as much as person B. Person A will have had the opportunity to experience twice as much as person B, granting him that much more opportunity to learn.

Factor Number Three: Ability to Learn, Comprehend, Understand, and Grow, from their experiences This factor can essentially be compared to the idea of an IQ, though it is so much more than just that. This is a person's ability to actually learn from the things they go through. Without this, the first two factors are completely null and void. Sure a person may have a great deal of stories, but this doesn't necessarily mean they learned from them. I am sure we can all relate with knowing somebody that has the same experience over and over again, because they never learn from it. This is an incredibly important factor, and just like factor two makes a person age deceiving. A person that learns twice as quickly as another will essentially have twice the wisdom from the same amount of experiences.

Factor Number Four: COMPASSION“An intelligent man will learn from all he experiences. A wise Man will learn from all that is experienced” This factor alone may be cause to the greatest disruption between the correlation of age and wisdom. This factor is greatly related to factor 3, and without factor 3 existing strongly, this one cannot be. But say a person is able to put himself into the figurative shoes of another. To quite essentially go through the experiences of another, and learn from them as if they were his own. To read a history book and feel everything each character goes through. To grasp the moral at the end of each story, even when there appears to be none. This multiplies a person ability to experience by essentially a countless number, as they are living through everyone. So as we can see, a person with age may not always be the wisest person, though they certainly carry with them a great opportunity to be amongst the wisest. In addition to this, there is one gift age grants that cannot be gained by factors 2 or 3, and that is range. And with range, comes a great deal of interesting stories, of which children that contain a great deal of factor four, can greatly learn from.

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