Age and Beauty

Someone Took My Body

Accepting Aging and Your Beauty

Many people as they get older start to become deeply concerned with how they look.  I hit 45 this year.   You may be reading this laughing at me thinking I’m a spring chicken.  I guess age is all relative.  It is not how you look it is how you feel.  I feel like I am 21.  I really do.  My mind thinks and acts like a 21 year old but then I get a glimpse in the mirror and see someone resembling my mother.   Although I don’t appear to be my age, some kind strangers often tell me, I certainly feel it.  The older I get the more I see gravity taking over.  The once tone physique is fighting gravity.  I can’t see my toes anymore.  I can now rest my hands on my belly when I need to balance something.  Well, let’s not kid ourselves, people in general are deeply concerned with how they look and that concern simply just grows along with the person. People are incredibly good at finding things that are ‘wrong’ with them, even if there is really nothing wrong at all.

Grey hair, wrinkles, sagging skin, baldness, and more cause us large amounts of grief and cause us more stress than the stress that caused the effect in the first place. Well some of these happenings are unavoidable and simply happen to everyone regardless of lifestyle, and some is more a result of being stressed and unable to deal with it. In the secondary case getting stressed just worsens the condition, so you might as well just be happy with it.

Dealing with Aging

There are two tricks to dealing with aging and the first comes in realizing that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Explained in another way, what is good looking and what is not is almost entirely sociologically defined and really has no standard. This is easily proven when traveling through time to our not so distant past where pleasantly plump was incredibly sexy.

The second trick to this is realizing that true beauty comes from within. Yes, yes.. I know, another cliche phrase. But just think about all the things you love about any person it is that you love. Out of all the traits mentions, how many of them involved anything to do with physical appearance? Sweet, kind, sensitive, caring, understanding, gentle, fun, funny, charismatic so on and so forth. The people you love, and the lovely things about a person, do not fade with time. As far as their body goes, well even if it is fading, depending on the society, the time, and the people around you, a fading body can be damn sexy :).

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