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Silver Census is a provider referral service company designed to help consumers better understand their health care rights and options. As a referral company, we locate licensed senior care organizations based on the level of care and budget requested by consumers.

CareLocator Service

Using CareLocator Services: Simply answer questions to the type of care services you believe you are in need of and a care navigator will help match you with licensed care providers in your area. Effectively determining in-network providers can help save time and money when it comes to receiving care services.

Helping to Keep The Senior Care Community Safe and Informed: Silver Census helps solve a problem that virtually every caregiver/family member has to deal with — staying safe and informed about care options and services in the community where they live by creating a localized social media platform. The days of going to insurance directories online to find an in network provider is out and localized social web is in.

Silver Census is a Free Online Referral Company that enables caregivers, senior citizens and health care professionals alike to share news and views important to the senior care industry.  This is the case for healthcare professionals attempting to coordinate care services in a world where there is no centralized database of health care in network providers. By strategically following local senior care experts versed in healthcare, caregivers and senior citizens can gain a sense of care solutions and learn from some of the most influential opinions on current Senior care news and events…

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