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Matching Consumers and Senior Care Providers

Silver Census is a provider referral service company designed to help consumers better understand their health care rights and options.   As a national referral company, we connect consumers with licensed care organizations through our CareLocator service.  CareLocator is a unique matching service.  Upon a consumer answering some questions pertaining to the type of care they are seeking, based on reviewing the questionnaire,  our team attempts to match your request with local care providers in the area you specify.

It’s real simple.  We match localized senior care organizations with consumers. The matching process is based upon the level of care requested by an inquiry, budget, in network insurance provider if applicable and geographic location.

By taking a patient centered care approach, our site is available 24/7 for caregivers that are overwhelmed and searching for available resources for their loved ones.

Knowledge Based Community Board

Our comprehensive community board offers real life solutions.  Like many healthcare organizations, you want your business to stand out from the competitors. Share your knowledge and experience. Provide personalized solutions from real life experiences you have experienced as a healthcare professionals helping others avoid the pitfalls to healthcare.

Together we can make a difference.  Connect with consumers in need of care navigating today and promote your business!

Why Join Our Care Network?

Effective Marketing

Be a part of a solution.  Collectively we can help change people’s lives.  By putting patient centered care first, our website is your vehicle to share your knowledge, brand your business and most importantly help the millions of caregivers in need of care solutions like your organization.


Interact with real caregivers, senior citizens and other healthcare professionals to promote safe aging in place solutions.

Forwarded Thinking

As a socially conscious healthcare organization, explore our interactive community board.  As a registered member, access specialized groups, network with other care organizations, and share your knowledge so collectively we can make a difference in people’s lives for the elderly and disabled.

Be A Part of an Innovated Solution

As a socially responsible organization, we believe that an interactive community space can help the millions of caregivers in need of guidance of proper care solutions for their loved one.    By providing an online meeting space where both health care professionals, senior care organizations and caregivers can share community we can help to learn from each other safe solutions for the disabled and elderly.  Not all care solutions are ideal for all individuals based on overall health and lifestyle.

Helping to solve a problem that virtually everyone in senior care has to deal with — coordinating care for the overall well being and safety of the elderly.

Get Matched with Consumers In Need of Your Business

Silver Census offers consumers a Free Referral Service called CareLocator.  Our CareLocator inquiry form attempts to determine the level of care, budget  and interest of the consumer.  By creating a detailed overview of a caregiver’s request of care services, we uniquely match appropriate care providers to meet their needs.    After a care request is received, we uniquely match services with licensed care organizations in our network.  The matching services is based on the online care assessment completed by the consumer.   Care Organizations that join our network will be sent the inquiry based on the services and insurance coverage offered by the licensed care provider.  Our CareLocator services helps to save valuable time and money by effectively streamlining in-network health insurance providers when applicable in the coordination of care.

A Referral Company Unlike No Other

Embracing Medicare and Commercial Insurances

Should your health care organization accept commercial insurance and or Medicare, we want to help you increase your census.  Unlike no other referral company, Silver Census is sensitive to the health care fragmentation in America.  Throughout the country, health care organizations field endless phone calls from hospital discharge planners, skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities and physician offices inquiring if their services accept various commercial insurances.  With the multitude of commercial and private insurances it can be challenging to locate in network coverage for many.

By joining our network, your organization  can be a part of the solution to decreasing health care fragmentation.   At Silver Census, we understand that some care solutions may be covered by insurance.  We welcome health care organizations to highlight.  Take control of your listing.  Update your online business listing REAL TIME and let visitors know insurances your business accepts.   With the plentitude of insurances throughout the country, the ability to search for an in-network health care provider like Silver Census can be seamless and used by many.

Maximize insurance benefits can help allow seniors to age in place safely.

Silver Census helps solve a problem that virtually every caregiver/family member has to deal with — staying safe and informed about care options and services in the community where they live. The days of going to insurance directories online to find an in network provider is out.

Have a concern? Post a question and gain valuable insight to care.

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