A new Head Appointed for Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS)

Obama is planning to appoint Don Berwick, A Harvard Pediatrician, a well recognized expert on Health policy, and the head of Institute Healthcare Improvement, as the new head of CMS. This is a much acclaimed decision considering how well known Berwick is throughout the world for his previous efforts on re-engineering medical practice.

Though many people are really excited about this decision there are still many questions and doubts that have been raised, mostly stemming from Berwick’s role as a pediatrician. Can a Pediatrician work well in the field of Medicare and Medicaid? Could he be as motivated to help in this area as he was to help in INI considering the difference of those being worked with and worked for?

I personally feel people are putting too much emphasis on his past. Though it is 100% true that without motivation, productivity drops immensely, as well as the quality of the work, I feel that a person that is interested in “fixing the system” and has the intelligence to do so, will be able to work in any of these fields. The question as to whether or not he will have a “balanced” view is difficult to truly examine as in order to do so we would have to understand what a balanced view is. If you are someone that receives Medicaid or Medicare chances are you are going to view any decision that goes against those fields as negative, biased, or unfair. It is very difficult to remove ones owns biases and see decisions being made from the perspective of the bigger picture. I do feel he has potential to help rework the system in a positive light, but when it all comes down to it, only time will tell.

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