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    Kindest Care Services continues to provide exceptional and affordable Home Care Services to Florida’s seniors. Statistically speaking we are able to beat the rates of our competitors and you pay for care as you need it to learn more about affordable Home Care Services. Please contact or Satellite office at 727-490-5825 ext 23. or email us at…[Read more]

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    Welcome to Happy at Home Care, we offer a comprehensive range of services including senior or elderly, human and non medical home care in Pittsburgh, PA. Visit on our website and learn more about home care services . Call us at (412)9241000 to make an appointment!


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    Adams posted an update in the group Group logo of In-Homecare ServicesIn-Homecare Services 2 years, 5 months ago

    Knowing someone is checking in on Mom when you are care-giving from a distance is worth every penny. See if a licensed care provider offers a rise and shine program and a tuck down allowing for split shifts to check in on Mom.

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    Janet Frank posted an update in the group Group logo of CaregivingCaregiving 3 years, 3 months ago

    Hi all! Janet here taking care of my dad. He lives alone and I see him as often as I can. At 83 he still lives at the house I grew up in. Most of the time he reads and watches tv. I’m looking to connect with other caregivers and find out about how other people deal with caring for their parents.

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    Stopped by and visited a patient at this beautiful skilled nursing and rehab facility in Palm Beach Gardens. The skilled nursing and rehab center is 60 beds and offer private rooms to help those with a health care setback gain strength and health to return home.


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Healthcare is already complicated as is already while you are healthy.  Imagine having to deal with making critical healthcare decisions during a healthcare crisis.  Most often emotions create added stress and frustration amongst family members and the frail elderly.  Unsure about what to do?  Allow senior healthcare professionals to help you navigate through the health system to meet your needs.

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