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A Clear Look At Drug Companies How They Affect The Elderly

Imagine a world where all the science labs are working together. A world where all the research was shared information and we could learn from the work other labs are doing. Imagine the world functioning as one GIANT laboratory in which everyone is working together to produce the most effective and efficient solutions and cures. It would be nice wouldn’t it? We don’t live in that world. As a matter of fact our research facilities are so separate right now they don’t even actually compare the results! What I mean by this is, it’s been shown that there are few US studies out there that compare one drug to another. Essentially, if we have 10 drugs to treat one thing, we have near no research done to show which drug is the most effective.

Think Twice About Motivations 

This means all we really have to go by is what the doctor tells us, and unfortunately for us, many doctors get paid to recommend a specific drug Well they don’t always get paid as that would be illegal, and we all know bribes never happen. However it is very well known that drug companies will treat doctors to resort vacations, or might buy them an expensive car for their birthday You know, little thing Just to show them they care. So unfortunately, this leaves us completely out of the know. Another thing shared research facilities would help with, is we would be able to see the information directly ourselves, though we may not be able to understand most of it. This would help us to make an informed decision. All of this really just shows one more reason why we need to get ourselves together. Let’s work for the best interests of people as a whole, not for individual companies.

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