Besides Nursing Home Placement Options

Long Term Care Facilities and Senior Care Options Besides Nursing Home Care Placement Options

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of a long term care is a nursing home. Long term care and nursing home is usually associated. However, the aging seniors are usually adamant talking about moving to a nursing home. Leaving our own home for another place is not a pleasant thought. Yet, a nursing home is not the only place for an aging senior who need a long term care. There are several Nursing Home Placement Options besides nursing home placement. But before making any move, you need to gather enough information to come up to a right decision. The following will discuss some of nursing home alternatives:

Nursing Home Alternatives

  • Home and Community Services. You can choose to stay at home and connect with variety of community services for assistance. In the community, there are some volunteer groups who are actively involved in helping seniors. You can check the community services near you and see how much assistance they offer. Services like laundry, shopping, cooking and cleaning are often the senior’s needs. Also, you may be able to get assistance from your family members, friends, or church members. Some services may be available with a certain cost, and it is worth checking it. Check to see if your community has Adult Day Care, Meal Programs, Senior Centers and other related services. This option is for seniors who only need assistance but has no complicated medical needs.
  • Home Care. Rather than moving to a nursing home, you can choose hiring a health care provider at home. A health aid or a caregiver can assist you at home. They are trained to give health care and as well as assistance to activities of daily living (ADLs). Seniors with chronic illness and expected to worsen anytime may need health professionals. Then, this option may not be the best.
  • ADU Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). This is a good option for seniors who want to be independent but want to be near to a family home. If you have a family home, or a relative with a single unit home, you can ask to add an ADU or sometimes called accessory apartment or a “second unit”. ADU is designed to have a separate living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom for a senior to live independently. But you still have to check your local zoning if it is allowed in your area. This will allow the senior to live by himself with the assistance of the family members.
  • Government Subsidized Senior Housing. For seniors who have low and moderate income, a government subsidized senior housing is an option. It is a federal and state program that helps seniors like them. It is usually an apartment complex whom the residents pay the rent in a minimal amount. Rent payments are usually a percentage of their income. Services like meals, housekeeping, shopping, and laundry are also available to those who cannot manage. You can check local housing authority or local agency on aging for inquiries.
  • Board and Care Homes. A living arrangement called board and care homes are also available to seniors who cannot live independently. Board and care homes or group homes provide services like bathing, toileting, grooming and other activities of daily living. Like subsidized senior housing, the monthly charge of board and care homes is also a percentage of your income. It will cover the costs of rent, meals and other services.
  • Assisted Living. Assisted living is another alternative for a nursing home. It is best for seniors who need close monitoring and supervision from skilled staff yet want to maintain their independent life. Assistance on ADLs, meals, laundry and scheduled shopping are provided. They also provide social and recreational programs for the residents. Cost on assisted living varies depending on the level of care you need, choice of apartment and its location. You can check your local assisted living facilities for more information.
  • Continuing Care Communities. It is a retirement communities that offer several services for seniors. They usually have their own nursing home or they are affiliated to a nursing home within the community. It consists of individual homes, apartments, or high rises or private cottages for residents. These communities typically offer a lifetime residence and wide range of services. It requires a large amount of down payment then a monthly charges. You can contact your state office for aging for your inquiries.

The alternatives discussed above are for you to make the right choice. In making decision, your budget, the level of care you need, your present and future needs and personal preference should be considered. You can tour to this places then ask questions, read contracts and observe the place and residents to come up with a right choice.

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