What You Need to Know Before Considering Assisted Living Community

Assisted Living Facilities Are They For You?

It is not hard to make a sound decision when you know which bridge to cross and which bridge to burn. Thus, before considering Assisted Living community for your love ones, be directed with enough information and personal research. This adequate information will be one of your guiding principles to a right choice.

The following are some information you may want to know before considering assisted living community:

Assisted Living Facility is not an option for a nursing home.

If you are considering Assisted Living facility for your love ones, remind yourself that it is not an option for a nursing home. Assisted Living is not designed to cater to seniors who are very old and have major health problems. Contrary to the nursing home, this facility is designed for independent living allowing active seniors to age in place. So, should your love one needs close supervision and medical attention, assisted living facility is not a best option for you. Though, some facilities may promise that they can take good care of your love ones, the state law overseeing care may prohibit it as well as facility’s licensing.

Medicare and Medicaid does not cover the assisted living.

Except of the four states ( e.g. Florida) that grant Medicaid waiver, assisted living is paid privately. Prices vary depending on the facility and services they offer. If you are considering of a facility for your love ones, make sure to know what is covered in the contract and your financial obligation. Sometimes, they tend to raise prices on a short notice. Or may add additional charges for extra services. To avoid this problem, make sure to put into agreement the services they offer for the x amount. If your love one needs special care, make sure to ask beforehand their rates and prices.

Some facilities may be understaffed and/or have unskilled staff.

Before considering a facility for your love ones, make sure to check its qualification and staff training. Some facilities fail to hire trained caregivers to look after the residents. Complains about errors in administering medications seem common in some facilities. Furthermore, they maybe understaffed as well, and may fail to give proper assistance and support to the residents. It is best to look for a facility that operates a service-oriented business and provides a safe and secure environment. Also, consider a facility who meets the requirements of the state and meets the needs of your love ones.

Some facilities do not live by the principles but by a profit.

Assisted living facility exists with a guiding philosophy to help and assist seniors with respect and dignity. But not all facilities live with this principle. With profit in mind, some facilities fall short. Thus, before considering an assisted living facility, make sure that they uphold their philosophy. A tour and an interview with the residents will help.

Newer assisted living facilities are proven to be better.

Research has reported that a newer facilities have better accommodation and care. It is because they wanted to get more residents and prove themselves reliable. These new facilities tend to prove themselves better than others. So, when you are considering for a facility, pay attention to the newer ones. Their best interest is to make the residents happy and satisfied.

Remember, we can only make progress after an informed decision. With the right research and information that will govern your choices, you can make a world of difference to your love ones.

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