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  1. Managing Caregiver Stress

    Tips to Help Caregivers Deal with Stress Being a caregiver for someone with dementia can often be a challenging and stressful job. In their compassion and selflessness, many caregivers stretch themselves too thin, devoting all of… Read More

  2. Recognizing Caregiver Stress

    Tips for Dealing with Caregiver Stress  While caregiving for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be incredibly rewarding, it can also be stressful. On top of trying to provide a loved one with the best possible… Read More

  3. Sleep Tips for Alzheimer's

    Sleep tips for Alzheimer’s Many people with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia experience sleep problems. They may struggle to fall asleep or wake up frequently throughout the night. One reason for this is that Alzheimer’s… Read More

  4. Signs of Alzheimer's

    Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease Everyone’s Alzheimer’s journey is unique, but we all begin in the same place – first, we must recognize the signs in our loved one’s behavior. When you know the signs, you… Read More

  5. Dementia and Challenging Behaviors

    Dealing with Challanging Behavior with Dementia Memory impairment often brings behavioral issues that may present challenges to the caregiver and compromise the safety of the person with memory impairment. These issues include wandering, anger, aggression and… Read More

  6. Medicare Supplemental Insurance

    Understanding How Medicare Supplemental Insurance Works Why Purchasing a Medicare Supplement May Help Save You Money Since original Medicare (Part A and Part B) does not pay everything concerning health-related services and medical supplies, a supplemental… Read More

  7. Humor and Caregiving

    Avoiding Caregiver Burnout While caregiving for someone with memory impairment can be one of the most rewarding jobs, it can also one of the most taxing. Especially if you’re a family caregiver, it can turn into… Read More

  8. Juggling Caregiving

    Balancing Caring for an Elderly Parent and Raising Your Own Kids Caring for love ones is very rewarding yet a demanding responsibility. Sometimes you are caught up in a stressful life of having an aging parent… Read More

  9. After Surgery Care

    Hiring a Home Caregivers Help with Activities of Daily Life Each year, many Americans experience accidents and injuries. Most people who are prone to injury like knee or hip fractures are those who are over 65… Read More

  10. In-Home Care Cost versus Adult Day Care

    In-Home Care Cost for Assistance with Daily Living For economic reasons, many people are considering home care than nursing homes. Even care companies with state contract under Medicaid, are pushing towards home care. Some health insurance… Read More

  11. Personal Care Technology for Seniors

    Allowing Seniors to Age in Place Who wouldn't like technology which offers easy and comfortable life not only at home but at work? Today, a new technology is introduced to aid our aging parents to stay… Read More

  12. Until Sickness Do Us Part

    Caregiving is a Privilege not a Burden Caregiving is both physically and emotionally draining; an overwhelming job. Sometimes, the caregivers can forget about themselves to focus on their caregiving. It is a very challenging task and… Read More

  13. Paying for Home Care

    How a Live-In Companion or Professional Caregiver Can Help You at Home When faced with an elderly parent living at home, hiring a professional caregiver such as a home health aide or companion may be the… Read More

  14. Fuel the Brain with Activity for those with Dementia There's no doubt about it - from the brain to the body, an active lifestyle has a powerful impact on individuals with dementia. Time and again, studies… Read More

  15. Medicare Facts That You Should Know if You Are a Medicare Participant For people who are 65 years or older, or younger people with disabilities, or people with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), Medicare plays a vital… Read More

  16. Nursing homes are the place where we expect quality medical services as well as the comfort of home for our elderly. Especially for those that offers long-term care (LTC). Aged people need everyday help in their… Read More

  17. Caregiving Can Be Rewarding When it comes to providing care for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease and dementia, it is understandable to feel overwhelmed and stressed by all of the added responsibilities that come with… Read More

  18. Making a Difference in the Lives of Caregivers Individuals caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's disease, dementia or other memory loss can often find themselves physically and emotionally overwhelmed by their responsibilities. While they may have… Read More

  19. Estate Planning consists of managing and distributing the estate in a manner consistent with owner's objectives. Preparing for Incapacity should also included in every estate plan. If you become ill or injured, decide who will take… Read More

  20. I know of a family who is raising a young teenage girl while taking care of two sets of parents. This couple waited until their careers were established before she became pregnant so, consequently their daughter… Read More

  21. D artfully shares some of their daughters' financial stresses- including her own due to the housing market where she'd devoted 20 years of her career. It was becoming more difficult for us to help them out… Read More

  22. "What we call the secret of happiness is no more a secret than our willingness to choose life." -Leo Buscaglia I'm a morning person. I'm sharpest in the "wee small hours of the morning..." as the… Read More

  23. D's friend had warned us that we should be prepared for resistance. People feel threatened with the loss of their independence. They may not want others making decisions for them. They might be angry that we… Read More

  24. Important facts consumers need to be aware of when inheriting an IRA. Make sure you pay attention to the rules. What do you do when you inherit an IRA? Good question. Most people don't know the… Read More

  25. Going to a nursing home is something that many people dread; however, this option is something that becomes inevitable for most families and they always end up having to send their loved ones to homes for… Read More

  26. Alzheimer's Caregiving? Alzheimer's symptoms grow worse as time progresses, the disease may have unpredictable changes; making it an extremely difficult task to care of a person with Alzheimer's disease at home. For both the person with… Read More

  27. Nursing Homes (otherwise known as Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers) allow people who are too vulnerable or sick the opportunity to live safely and with care or a temporary home for someone recovering. While nursing homes… Read More

  28. Horizon Bay's senior communities include a variety of senior living housing options. With properties across the United States, these well managed retirement communities include services such as independent living, assisted living and dementia care. These services… Read More

  29. PACE stands for Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly. PACE is a unique and optional benefit that features extensive medical and social services for participants of Medicare or Medicaid. PACE focuses only on elderly people,… Read More

  30. Since 2007 there has been a steadily decline of occupants in assisted living and independent living senior retirement communities. According to a soon to be released report, which will be unveiled next month, by the National… Read More

  31. Recent reports show that, as people get older, more neighborhoods are looking to find ways to allow Aging Americans to continuing living in their homes, even when they need health care. The small but fast-growing "village"… Read More

  32. In honor of National Active Aging Week, September 20-26, 2010, Emeritus Senior Living, a national provider of assisted living and Alzheimer's and related dementia care services to seniors, announced today that it is holding a Facebook… Read More

  33. ?The foremost reason why the millions of Americans living with untreated hearing loss should seek help is SAFETY. Why? Because studies have shown that hearing impairment also causes reduced alertness and increased risk to personal safety.… Read More

  34. [caption id="attachment_1492" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Steps to Take After Having a Fall"][/caption] A sudden fall can be very harmful or at the least startling to an elderly person. In the case of a sudden fall it is… Read More

  35. When a person is eligible for Medicare upon reaching age 65 or older, or has certain health disabilities, a Medicare participate can utilize any of the four parts to Medicare for health insurance coverage. Understanding the… Read More

  36. I had an interesting time camping this weekend with a friend of mine who is going through a divorce in her senior years. She wanted to get out and re-experience things that she and her husband… Read More

  37. After graduating from college, I moonlighted for an attorney. Frequently he would post employment opportunities and request that I review qualified candidates. I would often chuckle while reviewing these resumes trying to figure out what the… Read More

  38. If you are reluctant to go to a salon, there might be reasons to go that you haven't thought about before. Bradley Studnicka, hairdresser and stylist, has a few ideas and tips for seniors that are… Read More

  39. Senior Corps has many great opportunities for people over 55 to get involved with their senior living community. One program is called Senior Companions which connects volunteers with people with disabilities or that need help with… Read More

  40. The housing market isn't a good place for anyone to be right now. That's why LeCesse Development Corp. had to think of something to do with its $300,000 Villa Grande condos in Sarasota, Florida. LeCesse Development… Read More

  41. It's easy to get confused by health reform and programs that have been new and changing these days. It's a fact that many people don't know much about what's going on, or know very little, and… Read More

  42. I read recently that only 105,000 veterans are using benefits that an estimated 2.3 million could be using. Some who qualify can get up to $2,000 or more per month. There are strict rules, however, many… Read More

  43. What is an online scam artist? An online scam artist is someone that uses the Internet to take money from Internet users. They can contact you through e-mail or access your information online when you make… Read More

  44. Timeslips is a program created by Anne Basting which teaches caregivers a fun and worthwhile activity for people with dementia or Alzheimer's. In the exercise, caregivers navigate a discussion that allows patients or residents to create… Read More

  45. Ten million Americans have already suffered irreversible hearing damage from noise and another 30 million are exposed to dangerous levels of noise each day, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD).… Read More

  46. Yahoo! posted "5 Generic Products That Are Just as Good," so I thought I would do the same, agreeing with three of their five choices. The three I agree with are prescription drugs, over-the-counter meds and… Read More

  47. According to Joel Fuhrman, M.D., Vitamin D "has now emerged as a contributor to many nonskeletal physiological processes, and functions have been attributed to vitamin D in the prevention of cancer, cardiovascular disease, infections, autoimmune diseases,… Read More

  48. Is it difficult to walk or jog? Have you checked into swimming? You probably have heard about all of the great things swimming does for you, but I'm here to tell you again because swimming is… Read More

  49. I came across a great website that links seniors to live music. is a program that connects upbeat musicians with senior centers, day programs, retirement communities and at-home senior adults. "Music is such a universal… Read More

  50. The foremost reason why the millions of Americans living with untreated hearing loss should seek help is SAFETY. Why? Because studies have shown that hearing impairment also causes reduced alertness and increased risk to personal safety.… Read More

  51. Are you a coupon clipper? Have you checked coupons online? Many company websites have coupons online that are easily searchable and printable. There are many other websites that have coupons for stores, however, I've heard that… Read More

  52. "Germs don't have an expiration date," a doctor once told me. We were discussing outdated pet medications, and the discussion went to food. "Milk doesn't go bad at the stroke of midnight on its expiration date."… Read More

  53. Are you taking a medication that makes your skin sensitive to sunlight? During the summer months, it is especially important to research your medication and take precautions from the sun if necessary. Here are some tips… Read More

  54. OXO is a company that makes home-care gadgets that are universally designed for easy-gripping and ease-of-use. Their website has information about products for cooking, cutlery, serving & entertaining, silicone textiles, tea kettles, spice grinders, cleaning, trash… Read More

  55. Here's the former president's bucket list. See his own grandchildren See that all the grandchildren of the world have time to pursue their dreams instead of dying Climb Kilimanjaro before global warming makes the snows melt… Read More

  56. 45 year-old Jay Shafer was a grocery store clerk and decided to do something else. So he designed and built a tiny, 89 square-foot house. He had no building experience and just figured it out as… Read More

  57. Last week, President Obama bypassed the Senate and appointed Dr. Donald M. Berwick as chief of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which has not had a permanent administrator since 2006. The Senate was… Read More

  58. Preventing heatstroke: - It's recommended that you drink about 2 to 4 cups of water every hour if you're outside or doing strenuous activity. Drinking drinks that have electrolytes in it (like Gatorade) are helpful as… Read More

  59. It may be easy to believe much of the music younger generations listen to is garbage, but it is only fair to understand that trends shape our preferences and should not be judged without understanding it.… Read More

  60. Traveling to other countries to have surgery isn't that uncommon. Even considering the time off work, travel, hotel room and the hospitalization, many people have found international surgery not covered by insurance more affordable than any… Read More

  61. The data security company, TrustWave, recently put out information about where credit card hackers choose to find and steal your money. 38% in the hotel industry 18% in the financial services industry 14.2% in the retailing… Read More

  62. The Presence Process is a book by Michael Brown and is "A healing journey into present moment awareness," designed to help you forgive emotional burdens and live freely in the moment. Through conscious breathing and weekly… Read More

  63. Are you a Veteran or related to one? HearUSA honors the service of all Veterans, and acknowledges the sacrifices and support given by their family members. Which is why HearUSA offers unique discounts on hearing care… Read More

  64. Advertisers have begun to target senior Internet users as the market grows. Likewise, seniors have taken advantage of learning the way computers and the Internet works in order to utilize its opportunities through programs that teach… Read More

  65. Depression has been increasingly diagnosed by doctors and there has been an increase in the dispensing of anti-depression medicines for the last few decades. Why is this? Psychiatrists believe that there isn't an increase in people… Read More

  66. While soy protein has many health benefits, Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel says that it also lowers testosterone levels in men. He is a Certified Clinicl Nutritionist and has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences and Anti-Aging Therapies.… Read More

  67. Reports indicate that Senators Max Baucus (D-MT) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) have reached a deal on a six-month delay to Medicare physician payment cuts, which are scheduled to go into effect today. Senate Majority Leader Harry… Read More

  68. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Medicare claims will be postponed until this week Thursday in order for the U.S. Senate to decide on legislation determining Medicare's physician payments. Senate Majority Leader Harry… Read More

  69. There are a lot of life insurance companies out there and they all advertise on the same base principle of helping your loved one after you pass. For only so much a month, we guarantee so… Read More

  70. Relearning to have fun, enjoying your freedom, not stressing over your appearance, and just not stressing in general; I have written about many things over the past couple months, but all of these topics have essentially… Read More

  71. Many people as they get older start to become deeply concerned with how they look. Well, let's not kid ourselves, people in general are deeply concerned with how they look and that concern simply just grows… Read More

  72. It is true that they are responsible for most of the decisions made about how to treat our conditions and they act with all the knowledge they've accumulated on scientific technique, disease, and treatment.. But believe… Read More

  73. Choosing when to retire is a decision that takes a lot of planning, timing, and thought... but how does one know when the right time to retire is? Well, this question is actually pretty easy to… Read More

  74. I am going to bring up a very controversial topic here and I am really going to do so more in the frame of a question than in anything else, as my opinions on the subject… Read More

  75. Our memories really are what define us as a person. Now when I say this, I am not saying that without are memories, we cease to exist, nor am I saying that are memories are necessary… Read More

  76. We as a society are incredibly quick to turn to chemicals in order to feel better. This is true when it comes to sickness, depression, sadness, pain, and really just about anything. We like to think… Read More

  77. Any conversation, any argument, and lesson, any class, and just about any fight (excluding those based on the concept of greed) have one main goal in mind, and that is understanding. One side, or both sides,… Read More

  78. If someone were to ask you how much a human life is worth to you, how would you respond? Really there is no good way to put a price on a persons' existence, but admit it… Read More

  79. Throughout life we meet new people almost every day. Some of these people journey into our lives and become part of the circle in which we frequently involve ourselves with, however most simply pass us by… Read More

  80. We as a race seem to be constantly thinking about death. We try to avoid it at all costs, and protect each other from it the best we can (most of the time). We fear it,… Read More

  81. A new type of retirement community has started to pop up, and that is one that serves to the tastes of a specific crowd. For example Nikkei Senior Gardens is a retirement community that opened last… Read More

  82. With the economy in turmoil with no real say what the future brings, I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of what's really important. Oftentimes in today's world, the important things seem to… Read More

  83. With mother's day right around the corner it might be time to think about how you can do something nice for your mom. The best present most of us can give is our presence itself. As… Read More

  84. Health care at home is on the rise replacing expensive hospital visitations and stays. Instead, the care comes to the patient at their own location and the company gets reimbursed by Medicare. This substitution holds lots… Read More

  85. As mentioned in the last blog Don Berwick is Obama's candidate for the new head for CMS. Berwick's views on patient centeredness are ones he claims will completely re-orchestrate the medical field. He essentially feels that… Read More

  86. We live in times of exponentially improving technology that has already changed our society in ways once barely imaginable. It's hard to believe that 20 years ago, computers were rarely soon and that 60 years ago… Read More

  87. Something is horribly backwards in the world today and it can be seen when one analyzes the job market. First let me start out by stating an interesting statistic: If all of the jobs in America… Read More

  88. People at all ages have trouble budgeting their finances and really who can blame them. Money is something that is made to be spent after all and balancing necessities and desires with time and funds can… Read More

  89. In these blogs I post I frequently talk about learning, wisdom, and growing up. Well one thing that is certain is, as we age the way we view things tends to change. Our thought patterns start… Read More

  90. Going to school to get prepared for a career should be a simple task for a person at any age. If someone does not enjoy their current career path there is no reason why they should… Read More

  91. Have you ever looked at someone and thought they were just ridiculous, stupid, or childish or have you ever thought people needed to better act their age? Well, I have to ask you, what exactly does… Read More

  92. Many people nowadays are talking about what should and shouldn't be taught to our children and our grandchildren. Curriculums are changing as people want to teach creationism in school and not talk about evolution at all.… Read More

  93. As many of you I am sure could guess, I am a firm believer in self medication. I feel that a person should be able to mostly diagnose themselves and with proper education choose their own… Read More

  94. I began talking about trust in sociable society and decided it was an issue large enough to delve much, MUCH deeper into. The first segment I would like to talk about is trusting our doctor. We… Read More

  95. As the economy gets worse, the number of scams increase and our seniors and disabled are the most vulnerable communities to these scam artists. We offer these tips in order to help you increase your financial… Read More

  96. I have spoken a lot about one of the potential benefits of moving into a retirement community being the community and I thought I would go into this idea in a bit more detail. Sure the… Read More

  97. The health industry is planning on heavily investing into the upcoming state elections, which is nothing new. In 2008, they spent $369.9 Million on state and federal campaigns, and it seems to plan to invest quite… Read More

  98. The right time to retire the right age, when is it? Could there possible be a definite answer to this question, or is it dynamic, different for each person? It doesn't take a genius to figure… Read More

  99. Recently, Monroe, Louisiana celebrated the opening of the its heralded Booker T. Senior Village, the latest bright spot in an aging neighborhood now being revitalized by many of its former residents. This new senior village represents… Read More

  100. "The tax extenders bill that the Senate approved on March 10 included a much-anticipated six-month extension of stimulus Medicaid funding in addition to the latest Medicare physician pay patch. The move sent the package back to… Read More

  101. Time is a fascinating subject, especially when one takes into account it doesn't truly exist, though many already know this. Time is a completely man made concept that was created semi-arbitrarily in order to document the… Read More

  102. When President Obama signed The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law on March 23, 2010, certain aspects went into effect immediately or almost immediately: There will be effective 90 days after enactment, federal support… Read More

  103. Perception, perspective, angle of view, way of looking at, and many other different ways to say the same thing. This truly is one of my favorite areas of thought and I doubt I will even scratch… Read More

  104. Now here are some concepts I, much like most of the world, can't say I know all that much about. Well, I have learned about the cycles of sleep, and the different kinds of brainwaves emitted… Read More

  105. "According to the study, "What is the Distribution of Lifetime Health Care Costs from Age 65," in over 300,000 simulations the average remaining uninsured lifetime health care expenditure for a typical married couple age 65 is… Read More

  106. It is estimated that taking care of terminal patients costs about 25%of our current budget, and the question was raised as to whether or not this is worth it. This question takes some careful deliberation before… Read More

  107. Recently the FDA has claimed that it does not have enough funds or power necessary in preventing non approved drugs from entering the country. In response, congress granted them more power I have a lot to… Read More

  108. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently tried to implement some new plans that would cut the medicare designated to elder care workers by a decent amount while thus lowering taxes by 5%. However federal courts did not… Read More

  109. "On March 1, 2010, CMS, in collaboration with ONC, released guidance clarifying that the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) permit labs to electronically exchange lab data and addressing some confusion regarding laboratory data and health IT.… Read More

  110. I briefly mentioned in the article on Medicare that I believe that every person in this country should be guaranteed the basics. "I honestly feel that every person in this country should be guaranteed certain rights… Read More

  111. Healthcare reform has been underway for some time now with no real progress made. Many people like to blame President Obama for this lack of progress, but in truth it's not his fault at all. All… Read More

  112. For those of you that do not know what the estate tax is: "The estate tax is one part of the Unified Gift and Estate Tax system in the United States. The other part of the… Read More

  113. Later, when the nurses were going through his meager possessions, they found this poem. Its quality and content so impressed the staff that copies were made and distributed to every nurse in the hospital. One nurse… Read More

  114. One thing that cannot be argued is the more years a person has under their belt the more opportunity for experiences they have encountered. I at my current age find it almost beyond comprehension to see… Read More

  115. I recently read an article and watched a video about Medicare, in specific giving to the wealthy,(the links for the video and article are included at the bottom of this blog). To sum it up in… Read More

  116. There are various types of trusts that can assist with estate planning. 1. A Revocable Living Trust performs a similar function as a will. They are helpful if you own property in multiple states, desire privacy,… Read More

  117. Medicaid Pre-Planning prepares for long-term care, whether in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or special home health care services. Pre-planning is essential to prevent financial devastation to most families. Crisis Medicaid Planning is when an… Read More

  118. Adult Guardianship is the management of the affairs of someone who has been deemed by the court impaired to make their own decisions. The court gives the right to make decisions about the impaired individual to… Read More

  119. What is Senior Care Advocacy? Care Providers that are able to fulfill the needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities by advocating for their rights, dignity and quality of life, by promoting knowledge and self-determination. Why… Read More